CIO Straight Talk - Issue 11 - 41

Dion Hinchcliffe @dhinchcliffe
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A4: - #Agile, composable, low-cost, high performant IT - Access to new business models
(via #IoT, #AI) - Higher digital #trust (#blockchain #tech) - #CapEx heads towards $0 Real-time responsive IT - Quantified everthing (IoT) - #Multicloud arbitrage #STinsights

CIO Straight Talk @CIOStraightTalk

What are the key delivery models for Cloud of the future, given
expectations of scalability in IT infrastructure & next-gen computing?
#STinsights #Cloud #Tweetchat
Kalyan Kumar (KK) @kklive
Everything as a Service (XaaS) models-Applications as a service, Network
Communications as a service, Data as a service, Integration Platforms as a Service, Human
Capital Management as a service #STinsights @hcltech
Ian Moyse @imoyse
True utility billing will slowly come, despite vendors resistance @CIOStraightTalk
Sarah-Jayne Gratton @grattongirl
Successful models for the #Cloud of the future will, I believe, offer open #PaaS capabilities
to enable a rich partner ecosystem to develop and deliver industry applications
#STInsights @CIOStraightTalk
Marcus Sawyerr @Marcussawyerr
#PAAS we will see more #RecordsOfIntelligence connected to external APIs that will
allow business to leverage their ecosystems by the end of 2018, spending on IT-as-aService for data centres, software and services will be $547B, according to @Deloitte
#STinsights. #SAAS #IAAS
Sally Eaves @sallyeaves
50% of the world's population lives in 120 miles of a coast so underwater #servers with low
latencies, easy install & maintenance, natural cold water cooling & portability will become
increasingly effective for powering real time #Services #STInsights @CIOStraightTalk



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