CIO Straight Talk - Issue 11 - 4

Editor-in-Chief Paul Hemp

Cloud's New Silver Lining

Managing Editor Neha Anand

The weather is mostly cloudy in this issue of CIO Straight Talk
- but the cloudier the better, as the executives interviewed
for our cover article, "The Future of Cloud," will attest.
They describe how the Cloud, which has been primarily an
external environment for doing cheaper and more agile IT,
is increasingly something more - a crucial enabler of nextgeneration technology within an enterprise, and therefore a
catalyst for lightning strikes of technology innovation. Rather
than a resource "out there," it is becoming a powerful "in there"
force that can energize and transform a business.

Associate Editors Siddharth Andani, Tanvi Gupta
Contributing Writers Bennett Voyles, Stephanie Overby,
Blake Snow
Creative Director Sankalp Brahma
Cover Illustration Daniel Hertzberg
Digital and Social Shivani Dewan, Anant Jain,
Radhika Gautam
Editorial Advisory Board C Vijay Kumar, Arthur Filip,
Kalyan Kumar
Printing Qualprint, Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Lipika Arora, Siva Charvu, Subhash Dhulekar,
Sivakumar Gopalakrishnan, Sulabh Gupta, Frances Hodge,
Joe Hogan, Anshul Kalra, Regina O Keeffe, Shiva Mathur,
Kritika Singh, Surjit Singh, Nishant Sinha, Sachin Srivastava,
Ben Waterston, Raja Baradwaj, Saurabh Pable

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This was also the topic of a recent Straight Talk Tweetchat,
"Cloud of Tomorrow," in which a panel of prominent social
media commentators offered their views on the subject. In this
issue's "Straight Talk Social" section, you will find excerpts from
that discussion about how the Cloud is needed to take full
advantage of IoT, Big Data, AIOps and other new technologies.
Also, in this issue: a pull-out poster, "suitable for framing,"
that provides fascinating milestones in the history of cloud
computing. You'll definitely want to post it for occasional
perusal in your office!
The Straight Talk Social summary of another Tweetchat, "The
Cybersecurity Paradox," offers highlights from a discussion
about how human behaviour, as much as technology, is the
key to protecting your enterprise against cyber-threats. (For
more on cyber-security, see the article "The CISO's Agenda"
in Issue 10 of CIO Straight Talk. You can find the issue at www.
In our signature "Straight Talking" section, CIOs and other
technology executives provide experience-based insights on a
variety of topics: from how a hardware company turned itself
into a software company to the ways in which blockchain can
help the millions of women worldwide who have no legal identity.
In one of the Straight Talking articles, a senior IT executive
urges his peers to examine their leadership style. Technology
leadership - what is required to be an effective leader in the
digital age - is also the subject of two interviews in our new
"Analyst's/Advisor's Voice" section.
One element of technology leadership today: helping your
organization understand and take advantage of the manyfaceted benefits of the Cloud - benefits that will create a sunny
future for your business.
So go ahead, leave your umbrella behind and take a walk
through the issue.

Paul Hemp
CIO Straight Talk


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