CIO Straight Talk - Issue 11 - 38

CIO Straight Talk @CIOStraightTalk

How has cloud computing evolved in recent years and what are the trends
shaping the cloud tomorrow. #STinsights #Cloud #Tweetchat
Antonio Figueiredo @afigueiredo
[Senior Director, Industry Solutions; Salesforce]
Future of cloud computing is decentralised blockchain - Part 1
#STInsights @CTOStraightTalk
Dion Hinchcliffe @dhinchcliffe
[VP and Principal Analyst, Constellation Research]
Replying to @afigueiredo @CTOStraightTalk
You can also argue, and many have, that the future of #IoT is #blockchain as
well. To verify and #trust device identity, integrity, and the data it produces,
among other reasons. #STinsights @CIOStraightTalk
Fawad Khan @TheCloudand_Me
[Principal Strategy and Operations Lead - Cloud & Enterprise, Microsoft]
#Cloud has moved away moved from a platform to host machines (IaaS) to running
intelligent production scale apps including new emerging technologies such as #AI, #ML
and #IoT along with enabling complex Hybrid and edge computing scenarios. #STInsights
#CloudComputing #tweetchat
Sarah-Jayne Gratton @grattongirl
[Technology futurist and influencer]
Replying to @CIOStraightTalk @TheCloudand_Me and 8 others
The #cloudcomputing evolution really began to impact in 2007 with the
classification of #IaaS, #PaaS, and #SaaS but before then we were using
the cloud unknowingly through services such as Gmail and Google Docs.
#STInsights @CIOStraightTalk

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