CIO Straight Talk - Issue 11 - 14

is provided, is the utilization of the platform
services available once you are in the cloud."

explore, whether that's AI or automation or
natural language processing," he says.

Just three years ago, Krugman says, not
everyone was ready to move in this direction.
"Looking at the present environment, it has
become quite evident that the majority of
our customers are not only embracing the
cloud, but also have strategies in place to
expedite their migration. Cloud is central to
our long-term plans, which are focused on the
development of an open micro-service based
approach toward delivering new platforms
and products."

NAB is piloting Amazon's Connect call center
offering, but the company doesn't plan to simply
take "one contact center voice recognition system
and replace it with another," Misknik says. They're
exploring how to integrate that system with the
cloud provider's transcription, natural language
processing, and machine learning services to
analyze the sentiment of callers in real time.

At Guardian, Del Vecchio describes the cloud
migration as being in the sixth inning. "There
are still workloads we'd like to move over but
there are new things coming out every day
- tremendous new products to continue to

"That will enable us to respond to customer
demands better and also be more compliant with
regulations," says Misnik. "We're not just replacing
individual services, but integrating all the different
components of what Amazon and other cloud
providers offer. There's going to be an ecosystem
there, and that's why we're so excited about the
impact cloud will have on innovation."

Stephanie Overby is an award-winning technology writer and a former senior editor at
CIO Magazine. Contributing Writer Ben Voyles provided additional reporting for this article.



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