CIO Straight Talk - Issue 11 - 1

Adopting a
"Cloud State of Mind"
Demand for Cloud Computing continues to grow, driven not only by continuous
innovation but also by a tectonic shift in the expectations of clients, who increasingly
view Cloud as a platform for business transformation and competitive advantage. As
organizations continue to experiment and adopt Cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) using
varying delivery models (Public, Private, Hybrid), we're heading towards what is likely to
be, for large organizations, at least, a multi-cloud model with hybrid delivery.
Over the years, Public Cloud innovation has largely been driven by such key players
as AWS, Microsoft, Google and IBM, and on the Private Cloud side by firms like Dell
Tech, VMware, and Cisco. Their focus has been on such areas as large computing
power, scalable platforms, high-speed analytics, integrated platforms, and tools
for automation. Their vision has been to move up the value chain and revolutionize
development, operation and usage of Cloud through big investments in AI, ML and
automation. In addition, we have seen the adoption of Cloud Native platforms, such as
Pivotal CloudFoundry and Redhat OpenShift, in hybrid applications.
HCL has been at the forefront of this Cloud revolution, from building what was
arguably the world's first enterprise management cloud ("MTaaS") to redefining how
businesses view and adopt Cloud, through HCL's Cloud Native services. With fullcycle Cloud services - for example, a blueprint for leveraging the services of leading
Cloud providers, along with HCL's own solutions and IPs, including for Hybrid Cloud
and Multi-Cloud scenarios - we have been helping enterprises across domains and
industries jumpstart their Cloud journey. Part of that journey is coming to the realization
that transformative technologies and solutions based on Cloud are important only to
the degree that they drive business growth - a mindset that we call the "cloud state of
As the executives in this issue's cover article, "The Future of Cloud," make clear,
Cloud is no longer simply a platform for making IT cheaper and more efficient. Going
forward, Cloud will enable organizations - small and large, across verticals - to develop
innovative business models and achieve real digital transformation, by democratizing
new technologies such as AI, ML, Cognitive and big data. HCL, with a roster of strategic
partners that includes AWS, Azure, Google, Pivotal and others, is committed to playing
a key role in unleashing the transformative power of Cloud - and in making the cloud
state of mind the norm in business.
C Vijayakumar
President & CEO
HCL Technologies


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