CTO Straight Talk - Issue 2 - 59

performance optimization, and development of

seamless experiences. For example, if a user has a flight

next-gen features. This information helps in building

listed in her Calendar application and a boarding pass

intelligent products

stored in Passbook, a bubble within the new Proactive

Intelligent products are expected to provide the same
simplicity of usage as early-generation functional-only

screen will appear around flight time to provide quick
access to the boarding pass.

products. Intelligent products are expected to simplify

As products become more intelligent they tend to get

the complexity of using the underlying technology in

connected to the ecosystem (Internet of Things), which

the product. They are also expected to be emotionally

mean there is a lot more information to be processed.

connected to users by embedding proactivity and

Machine Learning will slowly become an integral part of

seamless user interfaces. The users do not have to select

high-end intelligent products as they evolve to become

discrete tasks on their own to achieve a certain degree of

"autonomous products." Also, intelligent products

functionality because the products know what is needed,

will leave a digital footprint of users, which can lead to

by studying the user behavior, and are able to perform

privacy concerns that will need to be addressed.

that selection activity themselves.

In a product development scenario, designing new

Products like an intelligent thermostat can control the

product experiences or improving upon existing

operation of an air conditioner to achieve objectives

products can be considered as the core objective

like "Save Energy" or "Optimize Comfort". Increase

of product intelligence. But one of the interesting

of ambient temperature by 2 degrees can introduce a

applications of product intelligence could be monetizing

very slight discomfort to the user while achieving an

the data generated by the smart product.

objective of 10-15% in energy savings. It can also capture

For example, "Babolat Play," is a smart tennis racket that

the difference in temperature, humidity, etc., between

generates data as players use it. Apart from providing

the controlled room and the external environment, in

great insights for Babolat's product managers to improve

order to take appropriate actions to save power.

future products, that data is processed and shared

We are also quickly moving towards an era of hyper-

with the users. The players are able to use the valuable

personalization, in which the need of every individual

information about their strokes to improve their game,

customer will be catered to. We need to tap into the

allowing the company to monetize that information with

intelligence gathered through social media chatter, and

relevant services.

listen to what customers are saying. Every customer is

Product intelligence is an important cog in the wheel

a potential advisor and the product manager will have

of product research and development, as it can define

to keep his/her eyes and ears open for suggestions that

customer demands, shape new product ideas, and

could come from the remotest and most unpredictable

facilitate new product usage. But we must not become so

corners of the world.

enamored with the increasingly analytical, intelligent,

Google, when it came up with its Google Now, went one

autonomous products that we ignore the pitfalls of

step further in conceptualizing Google Cards. Google

leaning towards complexity at the expense of usability.

Now allows me to follow two unrelated subjects I am

Only products which hide the complex analytics and

interested in - sports and technology trends - with a

artificial intelligence behind the features of these

single swipe on my Android Phone, without having to go

products - which provide the garb of simplicity and

to different sites.

intuitive user experience - will be accepted and succeed

Apple with its "Proactive" initiative intends to take

in the market place.

this a notch further and analyze apps usage to provide

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