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At any one time, depending on the

have clear ownership of the decision

product, dozens, if not hundreds, of

mechanism, but they also need to

these small, cross-functional teams

know the appropriate procedures for

will be working toward the same end

making changes and communicating

goal. In developing that flagship IP

about them. Accountability is critical,

router I mentioned, we had about 50

too, and we have established a good

teams working on disparate aspects

set of key performance indicators

but in coordination with one another.

toward that end. For example, we

Every team has an end-to-end view,
but each is assigned a feature or set
of features to complete on its own.
We try to give the teams as much
independence as possible, but we do
recognize that a significant amount of
coordination is required. Toward that
end, a program management team
takes the lead on the release, and we
optimize the end-to-end flow of the
development effort. We believe that's
what gives Ericsson a competitive

set long-term objectives and then
break those down into tactical KPIs,
which cover operational aspects such
as software fault density, hardware
returns, and feature velocity. We've
found that continuous measurement
likewise allows for continuous
improvements in efficiency
and quality.

Put Teams in Touch With

advantage in time to market and,

Taking measure of KPIs is important,

longer term, in efficiency.

but it's not the most significant

Make Teams Accountable
for Their Work
In the early phases, our focus is
on software architecture. We want
architectures that will scale across
multiple generations, so they have
to be both forward-looking and
backwards-compatible. As we
work on software architecture, we
consider not only standard use cases
but also scalability, maintainability,
serviceability, and total cost of

to motivate a development team
is to circle back after customer
deployment. Team members need to
see how the product they've developed
is being used in the real world. They
need to be aware of the product's
market traction and see that it's
generating revenue and is superior
to the competition's offering. A true
understanding of how the product
answers specific market needs can be
a great motivator.
We tried a bunch of different

development teams have the right

approaches, but we've found that

technical people on board and that

the most effective way to ensure

those people have enough time to do

success is to send our engineers into

their due diligence on architecture.

the field. Visiting with customers on

in achieving architectural integrity.
As I mentioned, the teams must

longer that such
development would
have taken in the
days of old.

motivator. I believe the best way

ownership. We make sure our

Technical governance is an imperative

When a
customer wants a
certain feature or
functionality, we
need to be able to
deliver it within
weeks - not the
months or

their premises gives them a deeper
understanding than they can gain by
phone, for example. In person, they

CTO Straight Talk | 43


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CTO Straight Talk - Issue 2