CTO Straight Talk - Issue 2 - 42

As the networked society evolves, network operators are
looking for continuous improvements in scalability, intelligence,
performance, and simplicity.

In December 2014, Ericsson delivered

and shooting a stream of data across

easily ported from one platform to

the latest iteration of our flagship IP

the network for analysis.

another. The journey is far from over,

edge router, providing more features
and functionality in a single software
release than we would have thought
possible as little as three years ago.

As the networked society evolves,
network operators are looking
for continuous improvements in
scalability, intelligence, performance,

As a provider of technology for

and simplicity. Agility is crucial, and

the networked society, we serve

we want to ensure we deliver the

operators of the world's fixed and

capabilities the operators need.

mobile network infrastructure,
who demand steady advancement
in performance from our products
in an ever-shortening period from
conception to implementation. Their
ability to support the connectivity
requirements of a networked society
depends, in large part, on us.

terms of the five billion people who
are currently connected - people
like you and me sending each other
e-mails, text messaging colleagues,
and calling friends and family.
Tomorrow, however, we'll also be
thinking about connectivity in terms
of devices, with upwards of 50 billion
connected devices in operation by
2020. There'll be sensors here, there,
and everywhere, pinging each other

CTO Straight Talk | 42

How do we do it?

Being able to increase content and

product development unit I oversee

streamline time to market has meant

at Ericsson is rising to the challenge.

creating a new mindset for the

When a customer wants a certain

organization. Quality needed to stay a

feature or functionality, we need to

top priority, but everybody needed to

be able to deliver it within weeks -

embrace a new way of working, new

not the months or longer that such

processes, and new tools.

days of old.

Today, we think of this primarily in

better than the one before.

release of the IP edge router, the

of which I speak? Here at Ericsson,

being connected is connected.

want to ensure that every release is

As evidenced by the most recent

development would have taken in the

everything that would benefit from

fundamental part of the vision. We

Let Teams Make Their Own

So what is the networked society
we define it as a society in which

since continuous improvement is a

This has been possible, I believe,
through empowerment. Rather than

Inside the IP router Product

micromanaging development from

Development Unit, or PDU, making

on high, we now assemble all of the

sure we can meet our customers'

competencies needed to complete

requirements for speed has meant

a particular feature, feature set, or

rethinking our approach to software

use case into an autonomous cross-

development. In the past two and

functional team. Such a team might

a half years, we've ushered in

comprise software designers, software

transformative change. We now

architects, and quality assurance and

operate in a manner that lets us

testing professionals, for example,

deliver next-generation software with

and work closely with the product

newfound urgency while maintaining

marketing function. The teams work

our high standards of quality. We

with our lead customers to assess and

make sure that our development

prioritize requirements, and they have

cycles are shorter and predictable,

the authority to make decisions and

and that the software we develop is

drive feature development.


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