CTO Straight Talk - Issue 2 - 4

CTO Straight Talk Team
Editor-in-Chief Paul Hemp
Managing Editor Neha Anand

Product Development
in Real Time

Articles Editor Gil Press
Brand Manager Nishant Balyan

It's a new twist on the Internet of Things.

Contributing Writers Alan Earls, Stephanie Overby,

Today's sensor-embedded, network-connected intelligent objects
are changing our world in numerous ways, from generating an
abundance of customer data to ensuring that your "smart home"
living experience is optimized to your tastes and behaviors.

Beth Schultz

Copy Editor Amy Halliday
Art Director Tanvi Bhatia (ITSA Brand Innovations)
Designer and Concept Shamsul A, Madhav Agrawal,
Harish Kumar Chandani, Natasha Mehra

Editorial Advisory Board Rajat Agarwal, Apurva

But in the latest wrinkle, intelligent objects - intelligent products
- are generating data that is shaping their own future design.
Focus groups are being supplanted by direct user data, in some

Chamaria, Vittal Devarajan, Matt Preschern

cases radically altering the product development process.

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In this issue's cover article, "The Changing Face of Product
Intelligence," we learn how Babolat, the French maker of
tennis rackets, has embedded sensors in their products that
constantly gather usage data on such things as swing power,
impact location, and the types and number of strokes. This
information dictates product modifications that will improve the
performance of subsequent versions.

Ajai Kumar, Bharath Krishnaswamy, Harmeet S. Chauhan, Hirren
Turakhia, Hrishikesh Rajan, Jayateerth Hanmantgad, Manas
Ranjan Sahu, Ravi Kumar, Samaresh Swaro, Sathish Kumar M,
Siba Satapathy

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