CTO Straight Talk - Issue 2 - 32

We are now at the point where people throughout the company are calling
and asking for our help in solving problems or searching for ideas.

A Company-Wide
Success Story

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Electrolux's strategy of openness.

through the open innovation network

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could help him out with an issue,

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and asking for our help in solving

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speed of change on the continent.

problems or searching for ideas.

in products, such as the Herb Garden,
but also in process improvements
that reduce manufacturing costs

confidently say that everybody in
the company is aware of, and most

energy costs.

The Takeaways
* These days, the best product and process innovations can pop up anywhere. Open innovation facilitates the
flow of ideas from external sources into a company for evaluation and development. While widely adopted in
the dot-com industry, open innovation has the potential to succeed in traditional companies.
* Embracing an open innovation model requires a new corporate mind-set, which must be championed at
the highest levels. It also requires a network that goes beyond traditional sources of new ideas, such as
suppliers and universities, to include individuals, startups, small companies, and others.
* Open innovation can result in a torrent of solicited and unsolicited ideas. The trick is to develop a process
for filtering out the few really good ones and feeding them to the company for development.

CTO Straight Talk | 32


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CTO Straight Talk - Issue 2