CTO Straight Talk - Issue 2 - 19

surgery. The general practitioner is

expertise. You also need management

still part of the system, but he or she

and coordination skills that are

often functions more as a consultant,

commensurate with the new level of

helping to understand an individual's

complexity and larger scope of the

health needs and guide him or her to

work of IT.

Driven by the transition to the

skills must increasingly take center

cloud, a similar transformation is

stage, technology expertise will still

remaking IT. The old model of IT as

be vital, but perhaps in different

the one-stop shop for the business,

forms. Among the challenges is

or of the CIO as the main provider

the need to bridge functions across

of IT expertise, has been replaced

multiple clouds or across cloud and

by a world of outside specialists.

on-premise. Many IT tasks will

Not everything
will end up in the cloud
- but almost anything
could. In fact, anyone
creating a business
from the ground up
today would be unlikely
to invest in on-premise

A huge ecosystem of vendors and

involve configuration, "massaging"

IT and unwise to do so.

consultants, our company among

data going from one system to

them, can now deliver applications

another, and providing orchestration.

and computing services to

Data skills will be more important,

the enterprise.

and larger organizations will engage

a "solution."

Some of the organizations providing
specialized IT services focus on
infrastructure-as-a-service: IaaS.
Others provide domain expertise
through applications-as-a-service:
AaaS. If you are an IT organization
consuming these kind of services, you
still need skilled IT people. But the
skills are different now.
You may no longer need IT staff that
can manage a server or build a CRM
system, because someone outside
your organization is now doing that
and doing it very well. What you
do need is increased specialization
relative to the needs of the business
and the skills necessary to coordinate
and manage external providers
and the internal consumers of
their services. That means you will
need people who can manage each
of these services and bring them
together in a cohesive way. You now
need much more business domain
expertise than technology domain

While business and broad design

data scientists to determine how to
use data to make the workforce more
informed and productive. Having the
ability to leverage APIs for different
applications and to craft mobile
applications for your workforce will
also be crucial.

The New IT
The tectonic shift in IT will not be
without pain. IT will undoubtedly
lose some of its traditional attributes
and powers. The size and composition
of its workforce may change. And, of
course, it will gradually command
less space and capital equipment.
Instead, it will become more
decentralized, a resource and a
presence that touches business more
intimately than ever before. Instead
of being known for saying "no," IT
will more often than not be on the
cutting edge of business innovation,
partnering with change agents across
the enterprise.

CTO Straight Talk | 19


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CTO Straight Talk - Issue 2