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*Yawn*...The only thing worse than waking up early is waking up hungry! 7:00AM Not on my watch! The toast is done and there's tea in the kettle! 7:00AM Mmmm....You had me at toast! You ordered the kettle to make tea? 7:01AM Not really darling; it was more of a request. And it's done! 7:01AM Sigh... you guys complete me! #jerrymcguiring 7:02AM Aww...You can thank The Internet of Experiences for that! Check out Pg. 04! 7:02AM And for some brain breakfast, check out the interview with Tim Brown, the CEO of IDEO, on Pg. 44! 7:03AM www.straightalkonline.com Issue Number 1 http://www.straightalkonline.com

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CTO Straight Talk - Issue 1